Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Stress

Feeling Anxious, Angry Or Frustrated?

Rediscover your perfect sleep, energy, positivity, capacity and motivation.

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What Is Hypnotherapy?

Many people think hypnotherapy is like stage hypnosis. It is not. Hypnotherapists practice hypnotherapy and combine hypnosis + therapy for therapeutic advantage whilst hypnotists are performers that combine hypnosis + illusion to create the impression of control for entertainment purposes.

What To Expect During The Discovery Session

We’ll use Zoom for this 50-minute consultation. You’ll tell me about your anxiety & stress & we’ll discuss your symptoms, the problem, the root cause & the solution. I’ll explain how hypnotherapy works & I’ll dispel a few myths. You’ll see how it works.

What Is A Stress Bucket & Why Is It Important?

When stressed, adrenaline and cortisol accumulate faster than are released and we reach a tolerance threshold giving us our full stress bucket. From that point, even a small amount of stress can cause an overflow which is what we feel as our stress-related symptoms.

A Word About Hypnotherapy For Anxiety & Stress

Before training as a Hypnotherapist, I saw a handful of people close to me being overtaken by the symptoms of stress and anxiety again and again. They were helpless. Back then these things were widely misunderstood. Thankfully that has all changed and I now have an effective, easy and repeatable approach that rapidly reduces stress and anxiety symptoms.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Case Study #1


Anxiety + Depression – Feeling nervous, restless, tense, sense of impending doom, empty, sad & irritable. Loss of energy, appetite, sleep & motivation.


8 sessions over 10 weeks – Anxiety and depression fully resolved. Feeling calm, confident and positive about the future. Sleep, energy and appetite back.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Case Study #2


Anxiety + Insomnia – Feeling nervous, weak, restless, tense, sweating & trembling. Having trouble concentrating. Difficulty falling asleep & waking up around 04:00.


6 sessions over 6 weeks – Insomnia resolved in 3 weeks. Anxiety fully resolved in 6 weeks. Feeling calm and relaxed. Sleeping well. Waking up rested

I suffered with depression and anxiety relating to past trauma. Just after one session with Jake, I instantly felt relief and like a weight had been lifted.
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A great experience where I rediscovered myself and changed my perspective on life with the help of a very empathetic and warm person.
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I feel like an overall more positive person ready to tackle any challenge that life throws at me in a constructive kind-to-myself manner.
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We’ll discuss your experience and symptoms and I’ll explain exactly why you feel the way you do and show you precisely how you could recover and put your anxiety and stress behind you.

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Hypnotherapy for Stress

Stress is that momentary thing we feel when we’ve been triggered by an external stressor. Stress will pass as soon as the trigger does.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

Anxiety is like stress but lasts longer and is defined by persistent, excessive worries that persist beyond the moment that the triggers disappear.

Hypnosis For Anxiety

Hypnosis for anxiety utilises the restorative trace state to relax the brain’s left hemisphere & activate the right to facilitate adrenaline release.

More Motivation

When you are no longer held back by your internal conflicts, the desire to move forward and grow becomes an automatic response. Flow forward!

Greater self-belief

You can have a new lease on life. Experience a sense of empowerment and self-belief that you can do anything in your life!

Freedom to be yourself

A lack of anxiety means you can express the real, calm and confident version of yourself – free from worry or stress!

Take Back Control

Take back control over your anxiety and stress with this simple solution. You’ll be able to relax and focus on what matters most in life again!

Learn How To Relax

Learn easy techniques to effectively combat anxiety and stress. Positively influence the subconscious mind and discover deep relaxation.

Stop Overflowing

Think differently. Stop ruminating. Empty the stress bucket. Break negative thought patterns and let go of stress to enjoy life more!

Hypnotherapy can help if you:

  • Feel depressed
  • Experience panic attacks
  • Experience social phobia
  • Experience health anxiety
  • Feel anxious in certain situations
  • Feel anxious meeting new people
  • Have physical symptoms like sweating or heart palpitations

What to expect during the Discovery Session?

Initial Consultation: This 50-minute Discovery Session is an opportunity for us to establish rapport and get to know each other.

We’ll Discuss What Matters To You: Whether you’re suffering from IBS, insomnia, anxiety, stress, trauma, PTSD, fears, phobias, or something else you’ll get to tell me what’s on your mind.

How The Brain Works: I’ll explain how the brain works in relation to your experiences and I’ll show you exactly how hypnotherapy can help you in your situation.

Relief: Many people walk away from this session feeling a huge sense of relief because they realise; they’re not alone, they’re responding normally and they’re not going nuts. They leave the session hopeful because they learn that there is a solution.

Your Questions Answered: We’ll talk about why you feel the way that you do. We’ll discuss the conscious, positive part of the brain and the subconscious, negative, survival part.

Memories, Survival Response, Stress & Sleep: We’ll talk about memories and the fight/flight/freeze response. We’ll discuss the signs of stress and the three typical stress sleep patterns. We’ll talk about R.E.M and the benefits of sleep, and we’ll also mention the stress bucket states; relaxed, coping, stressed, overwhelmed, and overflowing.

Your Personal Goals: We’ll note your best hopes and goals, and we’ll discuss what success looks like for you. I’ll explain what hypnotherapy and trance are and will answer any questions.

Your Treatment Plan: Everyone is an individual and is a little different and whilst it is not possible to predict exactly how many sessions you may need; I can give you an estimate based on other clients’ recoveries from similar situations.

Guided Hypnosis Relaxation Recording: I’ll give you a 30-minute Guided Hypnosis Relaxation Recording (MP3) after the Discovery Session if you choose to embark on a treatment plan.

Breathing Exercises: For clients who experience panic attacks or intermittent, raised levels of anxiety I’ll also send a link to download a breathing app to help reduce or stop those elevated anxiety situations.

Time to Talk: I acknowledge that questions and observations pop up at all sorts of interesting times and as such, I encourage you to get in touch with me after the initial Discovery session if any questions pop up.

Feels Like Magic

Hypnotherapy is not magic, but it works. It will hold the door open for you to step through. Start feeling better and resolve your issue.

Relaxing Hypnosis

Your attention and concentration will sharpen and increase while you remain aware and in complete control and remember everything.

Blissful Sleep

Activate the body’s relaxation response and improve the quality of your sleep; fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper and longer.

Ask a Question

Have questions or need help? Use the form to reach out and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all individual and unique and as such, the average number of required sessions varies quite broadly from person to person. It is possible, however, to provide a rough estimate based on an average across previous clients:

IBS: 8-10
Insomnia: 4-6
General: 3-10
Anxiety & Stress: 4-6
Fears & Phobias: 3-4
Trauma & PTSD: 3-4
Relaxation: 1

The initial 50-minute Discovery Session costs £10 and subsequent sessions are £90 each.

Card payments are accepted via a link in your session invite email and payments should be made ahead of each session.

Nope. We estimate the number of required sessions when we first meet but you will always only pay upfront for your next session.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is hypnosis + therapy and combines the best aspects of many practical, modern, and established therapeutic techniques. i.e. Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Hypnosis is a trance-like state of mind where your attention, concentration, and suggestibility all sharpen and increase. You remain perfectly aware and in control and you will remember everything that is said during trance.

It will feel just like a daydream and most people find that they are pleasantly calm and relaxed during and after the session.

No! Your attention & concentration will sharpen & increase while you remain aware & in complete control & remember everything.

Addictions, anxiety and stress, behavioural problems, chronic pain, fears and phobias, physical conditions such as IBS, unwanted habits, skin conditions and migraines, panic attacks, poor sleep, lack of confidence, performance anxiety, and self-esteem issues, trauma and complex trauma, and more.